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Car Key Replacement

Car Key Replacement

Car key replacement used to be a simple enough process. Prior to the mid-1990’s, it could be copied as easy as any other key. But with the advent of technological advancements in car keys, this process has become more challenging. Yet at Tallahassee Locksmith, we have an elaborate understanding of all technological advances in auto security, providing our clients with the service and information they’re in need of. Most cars made after the mid-1990’s contain a transponder chip in the key’s head. It sends a signal to a receiver in the ignition. When a key is in the ignition and receiver doesn’t recognize a signal, the car will not start. This makes replacement of lost car keys much more challenging for car owners, but not impossible. Many car manufacturers and dealerships inform customers how transponder keys are only replaced by their dealers. This isn’t only false, but something dealerships usually charge a lot for.
Our locksmiths replace transponder keys for a small portion of dealers’ price with greater accuracy, skill and speed. Furthermore, Tallahassee Locksmith gives you a full auto lock upgrade at a great price in you do not have transponder keys or remotes for your vehicle. Securing your vehicle couldn’t get more affordable.
Transponder keys are smoothly replaced with Tallahassee Locksmith. Our devotion to security issues keeps us on the lookout for latest technology trends in the market. No matter what auto lock challenge you might be facing, we are here to provide affordable and efficient solutions for it. Tallahassee Locksmith is located in the heart of Provo and efficiently serves all of Utah Valley. Our team of experienced and skilled professionals can handle maintenance, emergencies and upgrades better than anyone else can. So contact Tallahassee Locksmith for the best lock service today!

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